Monday, February 10, 2014

Todays Workout, Breakfast entry

This first video was an arm and core workout. I did it with 15 lb weights and did the hip raises from my feet. This workout did not feel like I was doing much when I did it, but now that I am done I am suprised to feel shakey. I kind of love that, when it comes to workouts. I will probably do this again, but I may need to invest in bigger weights. 15 lbs was good for this time, but when I was working out with a trainer I did many of these exercises in higher reps, with heavier weights. 

Since I had clearly spent all my muscle glycogen with he first video, I decided to follow it up with a cardio routine. I Chose this dance aerobic video. I remember my mom's Denise Austin Videos from when I was younger, so I am not sure if this video is REALLY old, or if she just has aged pretty well. Some of it seems dated, and some seems very current, so it is hard to tell. 

So, I am not sure about this one. I do like Denise Austin, I love her unique voice, and find it very calming and encouraging, but even after doing a workout, this did not seem to be that tiring. Part of that, I have no doubt, is that it was the first time doing it. Unfortunately, I am not a dancer, and feel a bit like an uncoordinated slob when I do workout videos. Sometimes it feels like I spend so much time trying to figure out the moves that the workout is severely compromised. SO, I think it would be a better workout, IF I do it again. At this point, the chances of doing it again are fairly slim. I did not love the music, and the routine was fine, but not fun enough for me to do it again.

Tomorrow I will be doing derby, so I am not sure I will do a video also.

 •Breakfast (right after workout) :
2 1/2 boiled omega-3 eggs and a glass of fresh squeezed green veggie juice.

•I had one cup of coffee with cream before my workout, and I plan to have another now.

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