Thursday, March 20, 2014

I am so in love with my new ketogenic lifestyle!

I weighed in on Tuesday at 230.2 lbs, so down 3.8 lbs!

I also feel awesome!

I checked my blood ketones and got 2.3 mm, which is also a good thing :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 12, 2014

Drinks - Black Coffee, 1 cup20g0g0g0mg5mg0g0g
Fat - Coconut Oil, 20 g1720g20g0g0mg0mg0g0g
Kerry Gold - Grassfed Butter - Salted, 1 TBSP (14g)1000g11g0g30mg100mg0g0g
Organic Valley - Organic Heavy Whipping Cream, 3 tbsp1500g18g0g60mg15mg0g0g
Fresh - All Green Vegetable Juice, 3 oz140g0g0g0mg0mg0g0g
Whole Foods - Organic Omega 3 Brown Egg, 2 egg1400g9g12g430mg130mg0g0g
Whole Foods - Black Forest Bacon, 4 slices1602g16g8g20mg540mg2g0g
Earthbound Farms - Spring Mix, Organic Salad Greens, 1 cups, 3 oz (85g)102g0g1g0mg48mg1g1g
Annie's Naturals - Organic Goddess Dressing, 2 Tbsp.1202g12g1g0mg320mg0g0g
Generic - Vine Ripe Tomato (Correct), 1 oz (91g)51g0g0g0mg1mg1g0g
Oil - Olive, 2 tablespoon2390g27g0g0mg1mg0g0g
Organic - Avocado, 0.5 avocado1502g4g1g0mg2mg0g2g
Generic Coffee - Black Coffee From Usda, 1 Cup10g0g0g0mg5mg0g0g
Kerry Gold - Grassfed Butter - Salted, 1 TBSP (14g)1000g11g0g30mg100mg0g0g
Spectrum - Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 28 g (1 tbsp)2400g28g0g0mg0mg0g0g
Cheese - Cheddar, 2 slice (1 oz)2261g19g14g59mg348mg0g0g
Skating, roller (rollerblading, roller blading)1,486120 

Fun Kettlebell Workout

I enjoyed this kettlebell workout today! I will be doing another video later and will post it if it is any good :) 

This guy talks about
"fatitiude" and "ripitude" and I thought that was pretty lame, but I enjoyed the workout. 

Take Care! 


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hi All!

I am still loving Nutritional Ketosis, or  LCHF if you are outside of the USA.

My weight has been teetering between 231 and 234 for several days, but I think I have also gained quite a bit of muscle, so it is all good. Last week I was struggling through workouts, but over the weekend it felt like I had a breakthrough, and felt pretty awesome through two hard fought derby games. I also felt pretty good yesterday at my speed skating class.

Here are my top five favorite blogs about Nutritional Ketosis, in no real order:


Up next I really want to figure out how to get set up for ketosis.

In other news, my husband, who does not need to lose weight is doing LCHF with me, and starting to sprout a 6 pack. Damn his superior genes, we should all be so lucky! ♥   I am a tad jealous that it is so easy for him, but he is a sweetheart and a very very handsome man, so I forgive him.

So, a few days of food:

3 oz green juice 2pc bacon, Scrambled eggs
Snacked on some salami from whole foods during the day
drank some coffee with butter
had a cup of broth
for dinner I attempted keto pizza, which was delicious, but fell apart when we ate it. We had that with a salad.

2 boiled eggs and green juice
snacked on a few bits of cheese
2 cups coffee with cream, butter and coconut oil
dinner was a filet wrapped in bacon with a salad

Today so far:
bacon, scrambled eggs
1 cup butter/coconut oil coffee
snacked on some pepperoni from whole foods
Steak smothered in butter and mushrooms

Take Care !


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Loving Ketosis.

Sooo. I have been doing Keto for almost two weeks now, and that has been really super amazing! I love love love it.

I feel amazing. I know I should be tracking, because I would love something that shows how awesome and effective this is, but I really do not HAVE to track so it has been hard to keep this up.

Every time I step on the scale- which has been daily, due to excitement- I have lost. I have also measured myself and lost inches. After five years of pushing against a brick wall trying to lose this extra weight, I am elated. I also never realized how exhausted and hungry I was until now. I feel like I have boundless energy and I an NEVER hungry. It is so strange. I mean, not really, I know why, but I am not used to feeling this way.

I have been eating less than I was the first week. Since my body can actually access my fat stores, it seems like most of the time that is the preferred fuel.

This is what I ate yesterday:

•2 boiled eggs, half glass of veggie juice (5 carbs)
• 2 cups coffee with butter, coconut oil and heavy cream
• 3 slices of bacon and salad with egg, feta, olive oil and two scrambled eggs(about 2 carbs)
• about 2 oz cream cheese, heavy cream and stevia whipped together (about 2 carbs)
•cup of beef broth
• two more slices of bacon and another 2 cups of butter/coco/cream coffee as a pre-workout for derby practice
•6 large slices pepperoni (from whole foods) and other half cup of juice (5 carbs) .  Also less than one oz of cheese, (sample)

So that was about 14 net carbs for the day.

♥I also went to roller derby practice for two hours

There was a noticeable and serious decline in my athletic performance for a while also, but that seems to be getting back to normal.

I started reading "The Art and Science of Low Carb Living" I am enjoying it. I may have to read it more than once, I feel like I am missing things.

Eeek! Love Ketosis! ♥