Thursday, April 17, 2014

I managed to spend LESS time looking at my email, etc. this morning, but did not avoid it all together...

Oh well.  I am here... and that is half the battle, or something.

Yesterday, after my fruit debacle ( I had much less than a bite of watermelon and it threw my body into a chaotic disarray) I was feeling pretty crappy, so crappy that I almost skipped roller derby practice, but I am glad I did not, because it made me feel much better.

The intense and constant energy I get in ketosis is really amazing. I feel like I can go forever- and since I am running on my fat stores, I probably CAN go for a pretty damn long time... I often feel like my feet will blister to the point I can not stand before my muscles will give out on me. Before I was in ketosis, I know there was something off because I struggled to find the energy just to keep up with everyone. This made sense during times that I was out of practice, but was really annoying during the times I really put in the effort to improve.

I like finally feeling like I am making progress both in my athletic and weight-loss efforts. The last five-plus years have been an agonizing disappointment as I attempted everything I could to set my body back on track.

I am reading The Vegetarian Myth by  Lierre Kieth

It is well written, and I am enjoying it. As someone who has had Vegan and Vegetarian tenancies, and never felt well eating that way, and someone who is eating a paleo-style diet now, it resonates with me. I am struggling with my opinion of vegan diets. The science is pretty clear that we really do need some animal protein to thrive, but some people seem to do will on vegan diets and that confuses me. Then there are so many long time vegans starting to turn to a paleo style diet...

I feel like everyone should do what keeps them happy and healthy, but I don't really understand how anyone can be happy or healthy when they should be starving on a cellular level. I do think it is a great way to clean out your system, especially if they had been eating a standard American diet, I just suffer to see how it could possibly be sustainable for a healthy life. 

Take care for now, 

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