Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Good Morning!

Not that anyone is reading... I don't think... But good morning, world!

I am tired this morning. My Monday workout throws off my sleep schedule, and last night I did not feel like I slept well, so the sleep deprivation is compounding.

I have been checking my ketones in the mornings while they are a little off. This morning they were up to .7, so that is good. I am still not entirely sure what threw me OUT of ketosis... I really think it was the tiniest bit of watermelon- less than a bite- that I had over week ago. I also ate a little less fat last week, and we know our body prefers to burn fat when it is getting it.

My legs are still sore and burning from Monday, so that is annoying. I used to really enjoy a specific yoga/Pilates fusion video when my body got sore, but it is not on netflix anymore. I wonder if I can get it somewhere else? If I am still sore on thursday it would be good to do for my crosstraining.

 My blood pressure is still low, but a little higher than before,  and I have been trying to get in lots of salt and water.



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