Friday, April 4, 2014

Good morning.

I am going to use this as more of a daily journal since I am tracking a lot on My Fitness Pal, and this is really supposed to be a blog about self-improvement- on all levels.

 I am still enjoying this new ketogenic lifestyle and I am continuing to lose weight, and I think I am also gaining muscle. When you are losing weight on a low calorie diet, you are in a catabolic state, or losing muscle, but in keto, even when you are losing weight you are in an anabolic state.

Keto is not exactly paleo, but in many ways they seem to go together and I have really been enjoying listening to all of the paleo, bodyhacking, and ketogenic podcasts and youtube videos. I made my first batch of bone broth earlier this week, and LOVE it. It cooked so long that there were only about two cups of it, so I made a second batch that will be done soon. I used more water and a bigger pot, so I will end up with a larger quantity.

Lately my older daughter is driving me crazy. I feel bad, because she get's in trouble more than her sister, and I often feel like I love her sister more. Right now I am not really sure what to do with Autumn most of the time. She is only almost 6- I fear for her teenage years.

Today I will be leaving for Tuscon, and I still have a lot of work to complete. I know I will get it done, but I feel a little stressed about it anyway. I am looking forward to playing roller derby, but I am sad to be leaving my family. Some drama surfaced within my team this week and while I am glad it was addressed and worked out it has me turned off a bit to derby again already- and we are only a few games in to the season.

I am listening to Autumn play on her leap pad, and her sister is sitting with her. It is cold. I feel awake and ready to get some work done, but more stressed than I would like to be.

Take Care,

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