Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Good morning!

This morning I am starting this a little late today because the kids wanted me to take photos of them. Since I needed some shirts modeled, that worked out well.

So, my thoughts right this second... I am so glad not to be a super-smart, informed, reformed vegan. The vegan community that preaches love and compassion has been so hateful to people who decided to return to eating meat for health reasons. Seeing that kind of hate is upsetting for me-  no matter who it comes from. I understand believing with your entire soul that what you are doing is noble, righteous, and best for optimal health, because that is what I believe about my paleo diet with all of my being. I just really do not like seeing hate spewed and then spreading like wildfire from either side.  I feel like every time I try to get away from this, I find another thread on the etsy forum where someone is bashing people for eating meat, or click on a video that is supposed to be a paleo lecture and end up looking at a film intended to scare or shame meat eaters. I don't believe in factory farming either! Sometimes I listen, hoping to hear a good argument just so I can really consider all options, but I have never even heard a valid argument for it (although I have heard many very compelling arguments that have good intentions but no facts to back them up.) In general I feel like both groups are supporting health, compassion, sustainability, and eating whole foods... we just have different opinions on what that means. I believe in compassion for animals and for people. I also believe that MOST OF US on both sides feel this way, and do not hate the other side. I do not hate vegans/vegetarians. I think really, a few bad apples...or bananas... are making one side or the other look bad.

I also don't like seeing so many lies about health thrown around like gospel. For example, dietary natural fats and cholesterol are good for you. They are not bad for you. They have never been bad for you. Unfortunately, it was pounded in to our heads for so long, that even knowing better it is hard to come to terms with.

I remember when I was in high school, I decided I needed to lose weight, so I went on a very low fat diet, because fat was the villain. I bet I ate less than 10g of fat a day, and my diet consisted mainly of rice-cakes and fat free candy. I lost a lot of wieght, but obviously that was not an optimal human diet!  I also think some of these choices helped create the carb intolerance that I have today. That is another lie. "There is no such thing as carb intolerance or insulin resistance." Ugh. I wish that MORE people know about carb intolerance and insulin resistance. It would have made this journey to reclaiming my health much less frustrating. I understand why people who have not experienced it directly, or second hand may not understand it. It challenges the fundamentals of the conventional wisdom on nutrition. After experiencing it first hand it is very clear to me that it is real.

Anyway, I should get on with things.

Yesterday's food:

Bf: 2 slice bacon, 2 eggs, sprinkled with a little cheese and green chili, fatty coffee
L: Sardines (about 1/3 container), small Salad with oil &vinegar and a little cheese, 1/2 avocado 
D: Wild pronghorn Tenderloin Chops... about 3 oz (omg, the pronghorn cut was amazing, Adam was given these at work) Kale cooked in grassfed butter with almonds mixed in. 
Fatty Chai. Keto Lemonade (water with a good squeeze of lemon, a little apple cider vinegar and a few drops of liquid stevia) 

beef bone broth... not full fat, due to taste

I did have a roller derby practice yesterday also. 

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