Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Thursday!

It feels like Friday today! I am ahead on orders- barely- but more than usual. I have my orders for Friday completed and ready to ship today. This is unusual because I always have the most to ship on Fridays so I am often trying to just keep up by working on Friday orders all week. It is not super busy, but it is also not super slow, so I feel like I have accomplished something. :)

I do feel like there are a few things I should be doing to be more productive. I tend to get very distracted looking at forums and checking email. YES, my work email is important, but I could probably be more productive if I just checked it a few times a day. I should also only look at the nutrition and etsy forums briefly during lunch or in the morning before I really wind up for the day.

I have been doing my planks and high intensity intervals in the morning before breakfast, and I am noticing the benifit of that. I am finding that I am faster when I skate and I can get people out when I want to. My legs are still killing me from Monday. Ok... Maybe not KILLING me, like yesterday, but they are sore.

I have been enjoying fatty chai tea in the evenings and my ketones are getting back up to normal. I feel pretty good, but in the afternoons I am still feeling a lull. I am not sure if it is because I should not be drinking coffee, or if it is because I need more salt. When I drink my bone broth in the evening before practice I feel like I am coming back to life, so that would indicate it is a salt/nutrient issue.

I still have not been eating in the evenings, but lately I have been wanting to snack after practice. I am not sure that is a good thing, but I will see what the scale says on Monday.

Okie dokie, Adios for now.


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