Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Morning!

I still have not managed to avoid my email before making it here... I suppose if I want a really good journaling experience I should probably do it on paper, which has a nice visceral feeling to it anyway. I have spent long hours writing in journals by hand, but as an adult I really like the spell check that comes with computer writing. I just looked up a word and it made me realize that kids probably look up definitions on the internet these days instead of in the dictionary. We have gained a wealth of information that is such an ease to accumulate that I wonder how long people will posses the skills to read a map or alphabetize.

I am loving ketosis, as always. My fruit debacle has inspired thoughts of wild foods. Most produce we find in the store is not really as healthy as we give it credit for, at this point much of it has been grown for look or flavor rather than health, and are basically frankenfoods, like wheat.

I have started listening to biochemistry lectures while I work, so that has been interesting.

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