Friday, May 2, 2014

I am feeling pretty great in keto. I still think I may be more tired in the afternoon than I should be, but I attribute that to not getting enough salt. I seem to only make a real effort to get it in when I am working out hard. Thursday and Fridays I don't have practice so I tend to take one day off and one day I spend stretching via a light yoga or Pilates workout video. Since I don't feel the pain from not salting up I sometimes just don't. I still get less of a dip in energy than before I was in keto- but before keto I kind of felt like death on a lot of levels.

I finally watched Forks Over Knives online. I have been putting it off as if I expected it to shake the fundamentals of what I believe to be a healthy diet. In reality it just confirmed to me that the culprit of this dietary disaster is largely processed foods (refined sugar, flour and hydrogenated oils) and people see health benefits when they eliminate them. I have also read Denise Minger's amazing rebuttal of The China Study. Additionally I know that cholesterol and animal food do not lead to heart disease or cancer, so it felt like a very weak argument against eating animal protein. I am glad I watched it though, I think it is important to listen to opposing arguments that others find compelling, to ensure one is on the right track. I do think when it comes to cancer you can starve it by not feeding it sugar or you can starve it by not feeding it fat and protein, but not eating protein fat and cholesterol is more likely to cause some harm to the rest of your body. At least that is what I am taking away from the info I have seen. Both methods seem to be having great success treating cancer.

Weight-loss is good. I weigh in on Mondays. I had a huge loss three weeks ago, then gained two lbs the week I started my period and lost two this most recent Monday making the three week average a little over 2 lbs a week, even though the last two weeks were a wash. It is funny how that happens. I am down a total of 22lbs and about 5" just on my waist. I still have a long way to go but I am pleased with this progress.

Adam (my husband) had a meeting this morning and did not have to drive out to Laguna so we slept in about an hour later than usual, and I enjoyed that. I forgot to ask if he will be home early, too... that would be nice ... even if I will likely still have work to do.

In other news, I found myself grumbling about things in the shower first thing in the morning so I have been practicing starting the day with a more positive outlook. It is hard to really recover from that kind of negativity in the morning, and that is not how I want to shape my day.

Take Care Friends!

Yesterday's Food Log

2 eggs scrambled with green chili and cheese
2 slices bacon
1 cup fatty coffee.

1/2 avocado (salted)  Small Salad (spring mix, dandelion, cilantro, a little cheese, pepper dressing) 3 oz carne asada

about 2 oz bison liver, cooked in grassfed butter with onions, Green beans cooked in grass-fed butter and herbs 1/2 avocado and fatty chai.

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