Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Good morning! 

Yesterday my vision got spotty in the afternoon and it was followed by a mild headache. I Used to get the spotty vision thing pretty regularly, my husband thinks they are ocular migraines... but this is the first time since in keto. I started feeling a little ill after that and this morning, so I may be catching something. I have felt so invincible lately that this surprised me.  

I also woke up to ketones at 2.2 this morning. I have not eaten anything off plan, so I wonder if it was stress, or because I may be catching something? or maybe I felt unwell because I was kicked out of keto? I don't know. I have been eating more protein, so I may be over- shooting.

Food Journal

2 eggs scrambled with green chili and cheese
2 slices bacon
1 cup fatty coffee.

Lunch- Keto Enchilada (1.5 oz raw sharp cheddar, 2 oz chicken, 1 serving green chili sauce, put in oven and broil for a few min. yum) 

Snack- Keto lemonade (2-4 drops liquid stevia, apple cider vinegar, lemon wedge squeezed in) 

Broccoli cooked in butter and herbs, Small grass-fed burger topped with pickles. 

Calories: 1257 Carbs: 19 Fat: 85 Protein: 74

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