Thursday, March 6, 2014

Loving Ketosis.

Sooo. I have been doing Keto for almost two weeks now, and that has been really super amazing! I love love love it.

I feel amazing. I know I should be tracking, because I would love something that shows how awesome and effective this is, but I really do not HAVE to track so it has been hard to keep this up.

Every time I step on the scale- which has been daily, due to excitement- I have lost. I have also measured myself and lost inches. After five years of pushing against a brick wall trying to lose this extra weight, I am elated. I also never realized how exhausted and hungry I was until now. I feel like I have boundless energy and I an NEVER hungry. It is so strange. I mean, not really, I know why, but I am not used to feeling this way.

I have been eating less than I was the first week. Since my body can actually access my fat stores, it seems like most of the time that is the preferred fuel.

This is what I ate yesterday:

•2 boiled eggs, half glass of veggie juice (5 carbs)
• 2 cups coffee with butter, coconut oil and heavy cream
• 3 slices of bacon and salad with egg, feta, olive oil and two scrambled eggs(about 2 carbs)
• about 2 oz cream cheese, heavy cream and stevia whipped together (about 2 carbs)
•cup of beef broth
• two more slices of bacon and another 2 cups of butter/coco/cream coffee as a pre-workout for derby practice
•6 large slices pepperoni (from whole foods) and other half cup of juice (5 carbs) .  Also less than one oz of cheese, (sample)

So that was about 14 net carbs for the day.

♥I also went to roller derby practice for two hours

There was a noticeable and serious decline in my athletic performance for a while also, but that seems to be getting back to normal.

I started reading "The Art and Science of Low Carb Living" I am enjoying it. I may have to read it more than once, I feel like I am missing things.

Eeek! Love Ketosis! ♥

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